Day Zero – The lead up

My wife and I have been married for nearly a decade. We’ve both always been very open and honest about our previous relationships, the sex and the faults.

I’ve always hinted at being open to non-monogamy; mostly joking in situations with comments say in regards to some very attractive guy my wife notices; I’d say “If you fucked him, I’d be ok with that, I’d fuck him if I weren’t straight”.

Nothing ever really came of it, and life got in the way, including our second child. The sex between us was up and down – sometimes like rabbits, other times with long gaps between; the spark wasn’t gone emotionally, but occasionally the sexual spark wouldn’t be as strong.

In the last year or so, our talking about the swinging lifestyle and going to clubs started with a little more enthusiasm. Fast-forward to pre-lockdown 2021, and we’re both on couples apps; had plans to go to a club for our birthdays, and then lockdown kicked in.

We were ALL in the house, EVERY day for 4 months. Things were very monotonous, until the day a chance encounter at the supermarket pulled us back into our pre-lockdown conversations.

My partner had met someone, they exchanged Instagram’s and started messaging. This time was different, this time I could see she was ready to open our marriage – she just needed to know I was OK with it.

After several days of on/off conversations, we decided it was time.

… and so the journey begun.

How we made it to this point, and took the leap into non-monogamy.

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